7 reasons why you should replace optical level with laser.

You are only one step away from the make your work more efficiency. Check >>>

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We develop our service in Europe!

Development of Nivel System service in Europe

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NL610 DIGITAL, NL610G DIGITAL - new, even more accuracy multipurpose red and green beam laser level with the possibility of setting digital slopes and digital numeric elevation

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New multi-purpose laser NL600 / NL600G with numeric elevation!

NL600 DIGITAL, NL600G DIGITAL - more accuracy!

NL600 is a new series of rotating laser which will replace the levels NL500 and NL500G. Check what have been changed!

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New laser sensor in offer - RD600 DIGITAL

We present a super fast and accurate laser sensor with digital display of height difference, dedicated for rotation lasers with red and green beams.

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Nivel System dealers are properly prepared to the new construction season

18th April, 2018, in Branisławów at the Magellan Conference and Training Center, the "Modern measurement systems in practice" training for Nivel System Dealers from Poland took place. At the meeting, we had the pleasure of hosting representatives of sixty-seven companies from domestic market.

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Hi-end level Nivel System Service

   Nivel System has a new, world class collimation system!

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The NL410 and NL410G laser levels - even faster and more efficient

The Polish Nivel System brand introduces a new series of digital laser levels: NL410 (red laser), NL410G (green laser). It is one of the most durable series of measuring equipment on the market.

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NL400 and NL400G - the new series of laser levels

The newest series of multi-purpose rotation lasers Nivel System NL400, NL400G. The new models replace old series of NL301 / 301G lasers, these have been equipped with a number of new solutions that support measurement work in construction.



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New, extremely easy to use laser levelers - NL200 and NL200G

Increase the effectiveness of your work with the newest laser levelers! Forget about traditional measuring methods and check how much you can gain with laser technology.

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