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Nivel System M10
Masuring wheels (small) - accurate devices for road measurements that are fast to use

  • Rugged structure made of aluminium and plastic
  • Stable kickstand
  • Convenient-to-use brake
  • Folding aluminium rod with a handle design that fits precisely any hand
  • Yellow - and thus easily noticeable - wheel made of plastic
  • Accurate and legible counter placed above the wheel / large and clear digits
  • Easily resets numbers to “0” with just one move of the lever
  • Subtraction when in reverse motion
  • Measures distances up to 99.999,9 m
  • Durable storage bag (protects the device during its transport)


Wheel size 159 mm (diameter), 79,5 mm (radius)
Minimum measuring distance 0,1 m 
Maximum measuring distance 9999,9m
Rate measurement 5 digits
Reset settings Yes 
Size 1,04 m (storage size: 0,43 m)
Weight  1,1 kg